Jan 11, 2015

Potholders revisited: hexagon shaped

So after a couple of failed attempts at rotary cutting hexagons,

 I decided to trace around my template onto freezer paper & add 1.25 inches to each side. Templates are a blessing for me.

I cut 4 hexagons from a chunk of piecing I did as a test from half of a jelly roll, it was in my stash, and one from the yellow I decided to use as the solid side of the potholders that I made earlier in the week, and two layers of Warm and Natural batting. I also went all out and cut a hanging tab to insert.

I pressed the top three in half, stacked them in the order I wanted and sewed around the seam allowance.

I turned it right side out and top-stitched around the perimeter and through the middle so it stays closed. Here's my finished hexagon potholder next to the previous square one. Its just the right size.

And much bigger than the first hexagon "potholder" I made.

But, I forgot that when I turned the pot holder right side out, I'd see the other side of my "diamonds"! I lost what I wanted to show on the front. My daughter said it looked good anyway, she's sweet. When I used a solid piece of fabric, it didn't matter what side was up because it'll be the same when it's flipped. I think I'll also cut the batting to size without seam allowance. I didn't trim it well and it puffed on the edges and made it hard to quilt. I didn't seem to have that problem on the square one. That's why I did a practice one, to figure out any issues.

Now to make about 4 more from something I would like to see in my kitchen. I might hang them on my wall if I can make them come out neater.

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