Jan 29, 2015

Woven Hearts V-day Quilt

Today, I've been working on the woven hearts I started on yesterday's post. I cut out my fusible web and laid them on the pink fabric to see in what order I wanted them.

I liked them in a row. I plan on making some other hearts, from this method I saw on another linky party, to put around/between them. I fused the web onto the red fabric. I made sure to place the inner cutting lines on the lengthwise grain of the fabric for more stability & I'm glad I did. I used a piece of parchment paper between it and the iron but it made the fusible all wrinkly. On the magenta and white fabric, I just smoothed it down with the iron first then used the parchment paper.

I turned on You Tube and cut them out. I wove them together with the paper backing still on to audition them on my fabric. I found, with the first one, that I didn't follow my notes on the back of the fusible web and wove the first one together backwards, fortunately I started with the easiest, top heart below. I took it apart & put the two halves in the right orientation and rewove them.

This was so exciting! I couldn't wait any longer so I took the backing paper off and started weaving them to stick together. I went in order from simplest to complex and ended with the second red one above. The first three were good without a lot of fussing. The third one with the four hearts touching took a little bit of fiddling but the last red one took a lot of fiddling.

On the above picture, only the right red heart isn't fused. I wasn't going to fuse it like that so I sat down and kept pushing the pieces this way and that with my nails. This is where the stability of the lengthwise grain helped a lot. I finally got it close to what I wanted. The last two strips were kind of loose so I fused down the upper sections that lined up correctly. This made it stick to the parchment paper I was ironing it on. It made it easier to line up the last strips and fuse them to each other. Here it is

It's not perfect but done is better than perfect (my motto for the year). I'm glad I chose mostly simple hearts to weave. I don't think I'd like to do three with 5 strips each. It would have made this quick project less fun for me. I'm probably going to trim them now so they look finished. Hopefully, I'll get to work on it more in the next couple of days.

Here's my first post on this project along with the links to the original tutorial for the hearts. Happy sewing!

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    1. It is! It's not mine. My first "fabric picking" post, link above, has the links to the pages where you can see the first one I saw and her tutorial for doing the hearts. I just threw them on some pink fabric to make a quick quilt. I'm getting close to finishing it. Happy sewing!


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