Jan 9, 2015

Back in the saddle again: Potholders

This is my first post in over a year. Hello, again! I'm back to it and this week I made new potholders for my kitchen, from old scraps.

I need like a ton of these! I haven't made any in years and my old ones were starting to look very bad last year! I found this quick tutorial on You Tube last week. The original instructions started with 10 inch squares. It made the too big one on the left. I made the one on the right with 8 inch squares and it's the perfect size. Of course, it called for Insul-Bright batting but I just used two layers of Warm and Natural batting scraps I had and it was plenty, in addition to all the layers of fabric, to protect my hands. The last one, at top, I made from a hexagon template but it's just basically a very large coaster.

The design is made by weaving together folded squares. On the hexagon, I used 3 hexagons like the wine coasters I've seen on Moda Bake shop. My daughter said they'd be tempted to put their hands in them so I quilted them closed in the middle. It makes a super quick, thick potholder. I hope to make more this weekend, especially bigger hexagon ones.

Here's a link to the PDF instructions:


  1. Found you over at "Sew Many Way." Glad you are getting back to sharing on your blog. Love the potholder ideas. I'm also enJOYing your blog list with some great choices.

    1. Thanks for visiting! And the encouragement! Sometimes it just takes one comment to help keep going!


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