Jan 14, 2015

W.I.P. Wednesday: hexagon potholders

Here's the start of my potholders. My husband helped to pick out this assortment of fabrics.

The lighting is awful and this was originally two pictures but you get the idea. The furthest one on the right is one he dyed for me ages ago. He said it looked muddy and not as nice as the others so it's going to be the solid side of the potholders. 

I made new templates, cut one out of each of my focus colors, four from the muddy green and realized I didn't pick the hidden fabric. I pulled out a fat quarter that he bought me, with an assortment of others that I don't care much for, and then a grey for the hanging loops. Cut those out and wow does this make me happy!

I found better lighting too! The colors in this picture are much better. I can't wait to get these done & hanging in my kitchen. The batting is cut too. I don't recommend ironing freezer paper to batting. It attached really good! If it had been for a more important project, it might have stretched it too thin but for this it's OK.

This project is really helping me get through the last few ugly grey weeks we've had. The casual easiness of this project is great too.  My paper template did keep shrinking on me as I ironed it over and over but it's no big deal since I'm not piecing them together.

Here's a link to my first post on potholders with links to the tutorials I used. 
I shared this page at Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday Link up.


  1. Very nice color selection! Rainbows are so pretty.

  2. It's always so fun to pull fabrics and feel them come together as a grouping. Nice selection.

  3. Love the colors you picked x rainbows are fun xxx

    1. Yes! Thanks! I want them to brighten up things around the barn.


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